LISE Project Successfully Ended

The LISE project has successfully ended on 31 July 2013. The technology is now proven to be applied. It addresses concrete user needs, “a terminologist’s dream” according to IATE users.

The LISE best practices and market research triggered the creation of a new SME, the Coreon GmbH. The technology deployed in LISE is now becoming part of Coreon - see

LISE Service Version Three

ESTeam is pleased to announce the availability of the Third Version of the LISE Service. All ESTeam Tools are now adapted and optimised to process the data from IATE. LISE Consortium members as well as IATE users are kindly invited to now use the ESTeam Tools for data cleaning, enhancement and consolidation.

LISE Service Version Two

The second version of the LISE Service has been launched upon the LISE EMB/TMB meetings in Berlin on 3rd February 2012. All LISE members are invited to play with the system and to provide feedback.

About, Contact, and Imprint pages updated. Everyone - please review. Thanks, Michael.

LISE Service Version One - soon ready

The first version of the LISE service will be available in late July. This features the top level web site, the member registration and authentication functionality. It gives you an idea how communication works via posting streams. Like this one here.

ESTeam Tools available for test

Latest versions of the ESTeam Tools are available for LISE project members. This gives LISE members an idea what the tools do today. Yet, they will obviously see changes throughout the project. Please contact Michael Wetzel to get access to them.